[DRBD-user] drbd performance with GbE in connected mode

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Mon Jan 15 22:46:10 CET 2007

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Ross S. W. Walker schrieb:
> > It seems that 
> > 
> > a. changing the net parameters did help 
> > 
> >  sndbuf-size       240k;
> >  max-buffers      20480;
> >  max-epoch-size   16384;
> >  unplug-watermark 20480;
> > 
> > b. changing the bonding mode of the interfaces from balance-rr to
> >    balance-xor did help too.
> > 
> > I now get about 85MB/s. Maybe that's by accident, but I could watch
> > the write performance go down when increasing the sndbuf-size.
> Well I can see increasing sndbuf as increasing latency, so it makes
> sense that decreasing it would also decrease latency a bit, why not try
> 128K and see where that puts you. If you have direct connections and a
> fast network, there is no real need to have a large sndbuf. If I was
> using Prot A and a slow network of T1s then I would use a very large
> sndbuf.
> Statistically speaking though when doing a benchmark over a short period
> of time 82-83-85 MB/s are about the same. I find that a 15 minute run
> will normally get rid of the 3-5 MB/s swings between runs and narrow it
> down to 1-2 MB/s swings.
> It looks like you are approaching the part of tuning were you are
> receiving diminishing returns and will need to do more and more tuning
> to squeeze less and less out, so I would say that 85 MB/s is what your
> gonna see unless you can find a way to run drbd with multiple paths,
> which I don't think it has the capability to do.
> Well let me know if you can squeeze any more out of it. You might want
> to see if there is any filesystem optimizations you can do now to get
> some extra performance out of it.

Ok, now I changed the fs of the 300GB lvm lv to xfs.

Sequential Writes
File  Blk   Num                   Avg    Maximum    Lat%    Lat%    CPU
Size  Size  Thr   Rate  (CPU%)  Latency  Latency    >2s     >10s    Eff
---- ----- ---  ------ ------ --------- ---------- -------- ------- ----
8000  4096    1   92.29 40.35%   0.152   1435.65   0.00000  0.00000  229

Random Writes
File  Blk   Num                   Avg    Maximum    Lat%     Lat%    CPU
Size  Size  Thr   Rate  (CPU%)  Latency  Latency    >2s      >10s    Eff
----- ----- ---  ------ ------ -------- ---------  -------- -------- ----
8000  4096    1   22.11 23.88%   0.031     0.13    0.00000  0.00000   93

I did some tests at the end of last year and xfs seemed to be faster than ext3.
But I didn't expect that this would impact the performance of drbd in connected
mode that much. Especially the random writes are much higher than with ext3.

I've to think about that...


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