[DRBD-user] new drbd install - filesystem size

Tom Brown tom at nextstate.net
Wed Jan 3 10:44:45 CET 2007

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On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 10:02 +0100, Leroy van Logchem wrote:
> I would create a dedicated meta-disk and configure it like this:
> ---/etc/drbd.conf sniplet---
>   on host.fqdn {
>         device        /dev/drbd0;
>         disk            /dev/sda4;
>         address      a.b.c.d:someport;
>         meta-disk   /dev/sda3 [0];
>     }
> ---
> Make sure that you create the meta-data partition large enough (fdisk 
> +128M is just a little too small).
> Drbd will complain so you can't go wrong. The advantage of this setup is:
> -you can mount the device under drbd (ofcourse *only* do this as last 
> resort) and only contains a normal filesystem.
> -clearing the meta-disk is easy (again only in case of trouble)
> I never had any trouble with drbd but this setup is robust imho.

[replying from home]

I thought that creating separate partitions for the might be more
complex. However, it looks very straight forward. So, I just create a
132MB partition for each drbd partition. Then I don't have to worry
about specifying a size in drbd.conf.

Thank you!

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