[DRBD-user] Problem with Setting up drbd 8.0

Sivaram sivaramsk at midascomm.com
Wed Feb 21 10:21:42 CET 2007

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Hi All,

I am trying to setup DRBD 8.0 for our system. I faced the same problem
Matin Bene has reported in the list on 26th Jan.

Failure: (115) Meta device is already mounted.
  Command '/sbin/drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 disk /dev/md3 /dev/md3 flexible
  --set-defaults --create-device --on-io-error=detach' terminated with
  exit code 10

while trying to restart the drbd. When I change the parameter flexible
to internal it is working.

How can I make this work automatically when I call drbd restart. I could 
not find the command in the script, so I guess the command gets called 
from the drbdadm exe itself.

Do I have to make the change in the source file, or any config changes
would do to solve this problem? Out of the two systems I am using one is 
facing this problem, while the other is working fine.

Please Advice.


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