[DRBD-user] DRBD + LVM (GFS2)

Dan Brown danb at zu.com
Mon Feb 12 16:57:20 CET 2007

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On Feb 12th Graham Wood wrote:
> > However when I attempt the pvcreate I get the following error:
> >   Device /dev/drbd0 not found (or ignored by filtering)
> There are quite a few reasons for this.  The most likely (or 
> at least the ones that I've hit myself in my build/testing):
> - It's not in "primary" mode
> - clvmd isn't running
> - the machine's already seeing it as another name.

Yeah it turns out the problem was that both disks were not synched, and
neither was considered the Primary, nor Up To Date so I had to fully resync
them to get it working.  6 hours later (I seem to have an I/O bottleneck at
the disk level) after the synch I managed to create them fine.  The only
thing I needed to do was create an lvm2 filter to ignore the partition which
DRBD was using so I was getting the error:

Found duplicate PV <hash> using /dev/sda3 not /dev/drbd0

After the filter was in place however it worked great.

> Given that you're going down the GFS2 route, have you got the 
> rest of the Redhat Cluster stuff running?
> (BTW:  I've got the cluster running, but get kernel oops as 
> soon as I try to use GFS/GFS2, so I'm interested in feedback 
> about it working on

This is running on Fedora FC6 so I've only gotten enough services to get
GFS2 going.  Fedora seems to have combined and minimalized a lot of the
packages into the cman package so only the bare essentials are available to
run GFS (which is fine with me).  fence, dlm, ccs, and cman are all a part
of the cman package.  Other packages which the RedHat GFS 6.1 Administrator
guide points out to needing (magma, magma-plugins, gulm, gnbd, all fo the
*kernel and *kernheaders packages) do not appear to be currently available
in the current version of Fedora.

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