[DRBD-user] Hopefully Last WAN sync ?

Benjamin Zachary ben at levelfive.us
Sat Dec 29 16:46:35 CET 2007

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Hi all, we have been testing drbd using connect/disconnect on wan links to
get daily/weekly type offsite replication. That seems to be working pretty
well and we are happy with that. I have received approval to get a 10mb pipe
between my office and our co-location facility to go with real time. Im
testing it with vmware6 where I can limit the bandwidth between devices, but
of course the latency is about 2ms not 40-50ms that would be over a 10mb
pipe. We only have about 1TB of storage and a couple hundred users with an
exchange server database.  Im thinking the 10mb pipe will be enough  but of
course I need a 3 yr contract to get one installed so would like to get some
opinions on how I could better test the scenario.




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