[DRBD-user] Quick question on using DRBD for redundant NFS/HA

Michael Toler mike.toler at prodeasystems.com
Thu Dec 20 23:59:32 CET 2007

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       2  IBM Xeon blades as NFS/DRBD log servers setup as 
      20+ Blades running various packages (JBoss, Jabber, 
          Postgres, etc) logging 
          to the NFS log server.
      All blades running RH 4 ES.

First, is there any documentation (/sites/walkthroughs/etc) for setting 
NFS/HA up as Primary/Primary?  

Second:  Right now I have all of my processes connecting to the Primary 
side of a my DRBD setup.  I'm using this setup as a log server for 
processes on multiple blades on a blade server.  

When I do the HA switchover, my processes lock for about 15 seconds 
(when using soft mounted NFS directories) before continuing to write 
to the files their log files.    I had thought that since I moved the 
/var/lib/nfs directory to my drbd shared directory that the failover 
would be pretty much instantaneous.  Do I have a problem in my setup 
somewhere or is 15 seconds for failover fairly standard?


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