[DRBD-user] Connectivity question

Greg Haase haaseg at onefreevoice.com
Tue Dec 18 16:03:26 CET 2007

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I'm playing around with a drbd + mysql setup, and I had some questions
about how the servers should be connected.

I currently have two virtual machines running, each with two ethernet
ports. On each machine eth0 is Bridged - so it's connected to our
development subnet. The  eth1 ports are both on a private network within
VM (VMnet5). I think that's the best way I can simulate a cross-connected
cable between servers on eth1. I have both heartbeat bcast and drbd
working over eth1.

I've had this working for a while and I've been testing various fail-over

The one thing I've noticed is that pretty much all hell breaks loose if I
take down eth1 on either of the servers. While I would admit in a real
situation it is unlikely that anything should happen here, it can be a
point of failure.

What are the best ways of address this? Is my setup lacking?

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