[DRBD-user] DRBD: failover when sync connection dies?

Martin Gombac martin at isg.si
Thu Dec 13 13:45:47 CET 2007

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i have a simple fail-over heartbeat/drbd cluster set up. In each  
server there are two network cards. One for internet access (WAN) and  
one for internal communication and synchronization (LAN). If one node  
looses internet connection (WAN) the other takes over all resources  
as expected, but this does no thappen with local connection (LAN)  
which is just crossover UTP cable.
In case if local connection (LAN) fails, cluster does not migrate all  
resources to one of the nodes and just continues to work without  
synchronized drbd resources (amongst other things).

My question is this:
How can i make one node take over all resources if local crossover  
connection fails?

I wanted to keep this short, but if you wish I can provide all other  
details about this install.

Here are possible solutions i fought about to get you started.
1. Add another network device to local network (LAN), and use ipfail/ 
heartbeat to monitor it's response. If it dies on one, do failover.  
But if the switch dies i have the same problem again.


Sorry if i sent this twice. I promise i won't do it again. :-)

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