[DRBD-user] drbd resource fencing - 2nd try with more information

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Wed Dec 5 12:23:58 CET 2007

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> The link you provided 
> (http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/ha-clustering/Debian_Etch/i386/) 
> has 2.1.2-24, not 2.1.12-24. There is no Heartbeat 2.1.12 at the time of this 
> writing. 

Ugh. Another darn typo. May I please apoligize?

> 2.1.2 was released in August per the linux-ha.org web site. Nothing 
> new since then, at least nothing the Heartbeat guys deemed "stable". 
>> The drbd version would propably not even bother me so much as I had no
>> problems with it. But the old heartbeat version is a bit of a scare. I
>> did all my tests with at least 2.1.12-14 and I'm not too keen on doing
>> it all over again with an *older* version.
> The version you are using is 2.1.2. The backports.org repo has 2.1.2.

Especially concerning master/slave behaviour - there have been some huge 
improvements since the August release you are refering to - and it is 
preferred to run drbd as a master/slave resource in heartbeat.


I installed that backport package.

dopd and drbd-peer-outdater work as expected. But apart from that: 
hardly any of the tests I made with the recent heartbeat version succeed 
with this package.
E.g. I cannot switch master/slave mode as expected, Constraints with the 
master role give old/known/fixed problems when migrating a resource.

So it really seems like a problem of the package I am - and a lot of 
other users are - using.

So what can we all get out of this?

It would be nice to know how to build dopd and the drbd-peer-outdater 
from a certain drbd version with a recent heartbeat version. The 
instructions in the README file (in the drbd tools/ subdirectory) bring 
up the errors I posted earlier.

dopd.c from Andrews recent code (2.1.*2*-24) is different from 
drbd-8.0.7's code and both are different from linux-ha.org's 2.1.2 release.
So these questions come up:
Are dopd and drbd-peer-outdater maintained in heartbeat or in drbd?
Which version should we consider "recent"?
Are dopd and drbd-peer-outdater bound to one heartbeat and/or drbd version?

The docs are quite thin here - or please point out where to find them. I 
think this information might help a lot of people.


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