[DRBD-user] Re: Suggestion to prevent split brain situation

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Sun Dec 2 21:34:51 CET 2007

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Though, needless to say, I agree with each and every point Lars has made,
here is an additional one:

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> On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 06:53:32PM +0100, Bas van Schaik wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> DRBD is providing redundant storage to my Xen-domains for a few months
>> now, it works like a charm! However, I can imagine a situation in which
>> a split brain occurs, which is obviously not desirable. First some
>> "definitions" concerning my configuration:
>>  - I'm using DRBD 0.7, but I think this scenario is applicable to DRBD
>> 0.8 too
>>  - XenServerA runs x domains and is passive for y domains from
>> XenServerB
>>  - XenServerB runs y other domains and is passive for the x domains of
>> XenServerA
>>  - Both XenServers have some domains configured for autostart at boot
>> time using /etc/xen/auto/*

Why are you using /etc/xen/auto (and presumably, the xendomains init
script) when you can have every single one of your Xen domU's managed by
Heartbeat, using the Heartbeat 2 Xen OCF resource agent?

And in line with Lars' earlier comments, I strongly encourage you to read
and follow these recommendations:



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