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Vampire D vampired at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 16:50:53 CEST 2007

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We had a DRBD/Heartbeat cluster we were running for a while now using .7 at
the time.
For specific reasons, we broke down the cluster to a single machine by
taking the 2nd one offline.  At that point, we are seeing 50% performance
gain in performance.
I was not aware the overhead of DRBD would be that high.

We were previously using Active/Passive with a single 55G drbd volume on a
2.4GHz 2GB dual Raptor server with private Gbit drbd repl link and public
100Mb link with heartbeat on both.
Running a low usage LAMP installation.

"Do the actors on Unsolved Mysteries ever get arrested because they look
just like the criminal they are playing?"

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