[DRBD-user] [0.7.23] reconnect problem after link loss

Lukasz Engel lukasz.engel at softax.com.pl
Tue Apr 24 14:14:58 CEST 2007

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> On Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 12:10:37PM +0200, Lukasz Engel wrote:
>> I have 2 machines running drdb 0.7.23 (self compiled) with configured 5 
>> drdbX resources (and heartbeat running above),
>> drbd uses direct cross-over cable for synchronization. Kernel 
>> (vendor kernel - trustix 3) UP.
>> Today I disconnected and connected direct cable and after that 2 of 5 
>> drbds was failing to reconnect:
>> drbd0,2,4 successuly connected
>> drbd1 on secondary blocked in NetworkFailure state (WFConnection on 
>> primary)
>> drbd3 was retrying to reconnect, but could not succeed (always went to 
>> BrokenPipe after WFReportParams)
> this should not happen.
> it is known to happen sometimes anyways.
> it is some sort of race condition.
> the scheme to avoid it is heavily dependend on timeouts.
Any chances for fix ?
(If it help I should be able to disconnect my drbd link sometimes to 
make some test...)

Lukasz Engel

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