[DRBD-user] Using DRBD Heartbeat in an embedded system.

Paul H drbd2007 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 12:39:52 CEST 2007

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thanks for your reply. 
I ran the configure script in a cross compiler
environment as below. I found that there were numerous
places in the script where it would exit upon
detecting a cross compiler. I patched these tests out
(but it didn't give me much confidence that it was
intended to be used in a cross development
environment). When I got the script to run and the
software to build, I found that the pathnames to the
rootdir on the build machine were contained in the

-I/opt/eldk3.0/ppc_82xx/usr/include \
-I/home/mc_sw2/ha/ccu_rootdir/include \
-I/home/mc_sw2/ha/ccu_rootdir/usr/include" \
-L/opt/eldk3.0/ppc_82xx/lib \
-L/opt/eldk3.0/ppc_82xx/usr/lib/" \
./configure \
--host=powerpc-linux \
--prefix=/home/mc_sw2/ha/ccu_rootdir/usr \
--exec_prefix=/home/mc_sw2/ha/ccu_rootdir/usr \
--disable-fatal-warnings \
--with-group-name=mc_sw2 \
--with-ccmuser-name=mc_sw2 \

Have you found DRBD/Heartbeat work well in your
embedded system ?



--- Ciprian Badescu <ciprianbadescu at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Can you give more details.
> I have successfully ported heartbeat for PQIII (also
> for embedded project). 'configure' script run well.
> Can you give more details, errors, logs?
> Regards,
> Ciprian
> --- Paul H <drbd2007 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> > I have found that DRBD builds ok within a cross
> > development environment, but that Heartbeat does
> > not.
> > The heartbeat 2.0.8 configure script doesn't
> appear
> > to
> >  like a cross development environment.

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