[DRBD-user] Using DRBD Heartbeat in an embedded system.

Paul H drbd2007 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 11:31:21 CEST 2007

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I would be interested to hear from anyone who has
experience of using DRBD/Heartbeat within an embedded

We are considering using it to provide a Highly
available NFS server within a telecoms product. This
will contain several processor cards connected by
gigabit ethernet links. Disk storage will be in the
form of Compact Flash cards.

I have put together a simple test network using Linux
PC's without too much difficulty. The software built
easily, and the NFS server appears to work well. 

I have found that DRBD builds ok within a cross
development environment, but that Heartbeat does not.
The heartbeat 2.0.8 configure script doesn't appear to
 like a cross development environment.
Is anyone using DRBD/Heartbeat in this type of system



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