[DRBD-user] Drbd 8.0.1 Inconsistent vs UpToDate

Laurent CARON lcaron at lncsa.com
Thu Apr 5 14:09:00 CEST 2007

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Lars Ellenberg a écrit :
> aparently there is something strange in the reference counting of some
> housekeeping structures.  did you have some io errors?

No IO errors at all.

>> Messages appearing in node1's syslog:
>> Apr  5 11:33:56 node1 kernel: drbd0: ASSERT(
>> mdev->net_conf->wire_protocol == DRBD_PROT_A ) in
>> /usr/src/drbd-8.0.1/drbd/drbd_receiver.c:3193
> assert seems to be a typo. I still have to verify,
> but I think it should assert DRBD_PROT_B, not A :(
>> If I try to reboot a node, drbd1 resyncs only the changed parts,
>> however drbd0 does a full resync.
> does it ever completely finish?

Nope :(

>> Did I miss something ?
> most likely some strange race condition or logic cornercase.
> does it help, if you switch to protocol C ?

I did change config to protocol C.

Syncing now... a few hrs left ... will tell you how it goes.

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