[DRBD-user] drbd with heartbeat doesnt sync both ways

Usman Ahmad usmanamalik at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 15:37:07 CEST 2006

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I am using a separate private ethernet for the heartbeat, I shutdown one (P)
server the other (S) takes the primary role and goes in standalone mode
Primary/Unknown. Till here it is OK.

Now when the main (P) server comes back it takes over as Primary/Unknown
And the other one goes to Secondary/Unknown state:standalone.

They do not connect with each other automatically? shouldn't they?

On 9/15/06, Tim Jackson <lists at timj.co.uk> wrote:
> Christophe Zwecker wrote:
> > node1 is primary with mounted fs
> > node2 is secondary
> >
> > nod1 goes down (only network failure),
> "only" network failure? Which network? In many cases, a network failure
> alone is worse than one box completely failing, because it can cause
> "split brain" if you're not careful.
> What connections do you have for Heartbeat to use? (A serial heartbeat
> is always a good idea if you can have it). As many redundant paths as
> possible is good. (typical might be 3: replication (crossover) network
> between the DRBD machines, "normal" network and serial heartbeat)
> > heartbeat unmounts the drbd fs on
> > node1. node 2 takes over and mounts the drbd volume.
> And what happens to node1 here? Are you sure that Heartbeat stops the
> DRBD services? My guess is that you have a single network connection for
> both DRBD and Heartbeat, in which case DRBD will still be primary on
> node1.
> > node1 comes backup, mounts drbd volume and the change aint  there
> because:
> > Sep 15 13:47:03 mw-test-n2 kernel: drbd0: Current Primary shall become
> > sync TARGET! Aborting to prevent data corruption.
> DRBD is doing the right thing here. Either your nodes weren't really
> synchronised before the failure, or you had a split brain where DRBD was
> primary on both machines.
> This situation can only be resolved manually, i.e. by a human telling
> DRBD which machine has the latest data. (something like "drbdadm XXX
> invalidate_remote --do-what-I-say" on the "good" machine)
> Tim
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