[DRBD-user] drbd with heartbeat doesnt sync both ways

Christophe Zwecker doc at zwecker.de
Fri Sep 15 14:12:23 CEST 2006

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we use heartbeat and drbd on two nodes

node1 is primary with mounted fs
node2 is secondary

nod1 goes down (only network failure), heartbeat unmounts the drbd fs on 
node1. node 2 takes over and mounts the drbd volume. I change things on 
the fs on node2

node1 comes backup, mounts drbd volume and the change aint  there because:

Sep 15 13:47:03 mw-test-n2 kernel: drbd0: Current Primary shall become 
sync TARGET! Aborting to prevent data corruption.
Sep 15 13:47:03 mw-test-n2 kernel: drbd0: drbd0_receiver [22293]: cstate 
WFReportParams --> StandAlone

HOW do I address this issue ?

thx for hints !

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