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Yes you can. 
to be more correct to archive shared storage you need one block device that is available to all machines that will use the storage and one shared filesystem.

If you have only two machines, drbd 0.8 in primary/primary mode can be the block device solution. 
If you have more than two machines, you will need to use other block device solution, like enbd, gnbd, iscsi or AOE.

For the shared filesystem you can use GFS or OCFS2.

You can use this(DRBD0.8+GFS or DRBD0.8+OCFS2) shared storage with two machines that is in one tcp/ip network. But remember Clusters usualy are strong connected and need large bandwidth and small latency. If you use this solution in one small link with high latency your performance wont be good. and in some environments it wont work (because the cluster heartbeat and global lock manager software) 

Search google for: +drbd+ocfs2 and +drbd+gfs there is some results.
one of them is my page documenting the use of drbd0.8 + ocfs2.
Best Regards

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Hello All

I have read that you can achieve a shared storage solution by combining 
GFS and DRBD somehow.
The idea being making it so i can have a shared and mirrored partition 
on two separate machines connected via tcp/ip, that gives each machine 
full r/w access.
Is this possible? Is using GFS / DRBD the answer?  Are there better 
Unfortunately I can't seem to find much info about this on the net, so 
I'm hoping someone here can help me out! :)


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