[DRBD-user] DRBD 0.8pre5 and VMWare Problem

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Tue Oct 24 09:05:03 CEST 2006

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Hello Samuel,

I've done a lot of tests using different versions of VMware (Workstation,
Server and VI3/ESX 3) and everything works like it do when using 'real'
servers. In fact, I've now a production Samba cluster running one node on a
'real' server and the other node on a virtual one.


Hola Samuel

He hecho muchas pruebas de drbd sobre diferentes versiones de VMware
(Workstation, Server y VI3/ESX 3) y todo funciona como si de servidores
'reales' se tratara. De hecho, tengon en producción un cluster de
servidores Samba con un nodo 'real' y otro virtual y desde luego funcionan
sin ningún problema.


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>Hi people! I'm having problems trying to setup a virtual cluster with
>We have 2 debian nodes with 2 scsi disks each.
>The second scsi disk is the device to be attached to the drbd cluster
>The problem is that when we try to setup the cluster, running drbdadm
>r0, an OOPS happens.
>Looking above the OOPS, when drbdadm tries to attach the physical
>device, a
>failure appears:
>Failure: (115) Meta device is already mounted.
>Then the disk state is "Diskless". I wonder if this is a vmware
>problem, I
>have no other way to test the cluster.
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