[DRBD-user] 4TB limit

Matthias Weigel matthias.weigel at maweos.de
Thu Oct 19 10:53:37 CEST 2006

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Hello Ralf,

LVM on top of DRBD works great for me.
The only problem is LVM wants to autodetect at startup its configuration 
using some sort of signature or super block. LVM scanns all available 
block devices for its signature and refuses DRBD-devices, because they 
have the same UID as the underlying devices.

So you have to make sure, LVM sees ONLY your DRBD-devices and not the 
devices DRBD uses. This is done in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf with the "filter" 

Best Regards


Ralf Gross wrote:
> Hi,
> if I understand the documentation correct, there is a limit of ~4TB
> for a single drbd device on 32bit systems. Furthermore lvm on top of a
> drbd device is not recommended.
> What is the recommended way to use drbd and lvm for filesystems that
> are >4TB. My aim would be to have only one mount point, hence lvm on
> top of drbd would be desired.
> Ralf
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