[DRBD-user] Device crash of unknown reason

Axel.Weber at rtl.de Axel.Weber at rtl.de
Sat Oct 14 20:09:25 CEST 2006

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We are running a gentoo server cluster each of them has an external
raid, having this setup
Infotrend Raid5 ->LSI Raid Controller (mptscsih) -> drbd -> lvm -> xfs.

What happend: one drive of one node's Raid set failed, strange enough
since nothing should have happend here. In the raid's log was a timeout
The syslog came up with these messages:
Oct 11 17:01:41 sowe1 kernel: xfs_force_shutdown(dm-0,0x8) called from
line 1091 of file fs/xfs/xfs_trans.c.  Return address = 0xc01ffc6b
Oct 11 17:01:41 sowe1 nfsd[9447]: non-standard errno: 990 (Unknown error
Oct 11 17:01:41 sowe1 kernel: Filesystem "dm-0": Corruption of in-memory
data detected.  Shutting down filesystem: dm-0
Oct 11 17:01:41 sowe1 kernel: Please umount the filesystem, and rectify
the problem(s)

Due to heartbeat the other node took over but there happend the same.
After the disk was replaced everything was fine again.
Unfortunaltely there are no more error messages since the lower layer
don't come up in the syslog.

Has somebody any idea?


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