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Roberto Scattini roberto.scattini at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 00:04:40 CET 2006

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> can anybody tell me if there is a way , after a split brain (caused by a
> > network disconnection), to tell the new node that it should sync his
> data
> > with the actual primary node without having to re-syncronize all the
> device
> > ? (it is too slow! aprox 1 K by sec)
> >
> > what im doing now is a "drbdadm invalidate all" but it tooks about 8
> hours
> > re-syncronize a 30GB partition...
> Is this test machine or production machine? If its under test.. you can do
> this by drbdadm command.

in the future, both will be "production machines", one as primary and the
other as a failover server. the problem is that when i disconnect the
network cable from the primary server, then the drbd timeouts and (aprox 30
seconds later) the heartbeat switch the drbd to the secondary server (which
gets the state Primary/Unknown). Then, when i reconnect the network cable,
both nodes go in standalone mode. i would like that the "old primary" sets
its state to Secondary and the replication could still be working. i think
that one of the possible solutions for this is to set the drbd timeout
greater than the heartbeat timeout (i will test this).

but anyway... how can i get the old primary to forgot all his changes since
the last time he was connected with the slave?

thanks in advence

Roberto Scattini
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