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Roberto Scattini roberto.scattini at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 17:02:23 CET 2006

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hi everyone:

we are setting up a cluster with two nodes in failover, but there is a point
where we are a little confused.
we have a working config with

what we want: a failover config with two nodes, with auto_failback off, drbd
replication always running and maybe operator intervention to re-establish
the master-slave config.

what we have: when we unplug the network cable on the primary host (host-a),
all the services including the virtual IP and drbd filesystem switch
correctly to the slave server (host-b).

the problem: when we reconnect the network cable on the primary host-a, the
drbd service stops on the primary. we have searched about this and think
that is a expected situation since we have not a stonith device to prevent
split-brain situations (in fact, both nodes switch to standalone mode to
prevent data corruption).

the question: anybody has this setup working as we want? is this possible?
is there a way to force the host-a to become a slave of host-b and continue
replication? we know that this implies that host-a should throw away some
good updates, but i think we can live with that. i mean, both nodes are
interconnected with a switch. we will have some web folders and maildirs in
drbd. if the primary goes down, that means that nobody can access it, so the
more complicated scenario can be some mails loss and some webs outdated
(only the time that host-b takes to bring up the virtual IP and mount the
drbd filesystem).
it is the first time that we work with clusters. and we know that maybe this
is not the best setup but is the most balanced (price/reliability) that we
could find.
if anyone has an advice to give us, it will be welcome.

thanks in advance.

Roberto Scattini.
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