[DRBD-user] drbd-0.8pre6 (svn rev 2590) - kernel fails

Vitaly Kuznetsov vitty at ruir.com
Thu Nov 9 07:46:51 CET 2006

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I have idea that this bug is connected to SUSE kernel patch ( I use
SLES10 ). Today I'll try same expiriments with Mandriva kernel, maybe it
 will work fine :)

Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> I have no idea, sorry.
> this appears to me to be a valid address.
> it is not even drbd that "invents" this address,
> it is the bio_split or bio_alloc or whatever.
> and then there is a memcpy from some source (passed in by upper layers)
> to some destination address (provided by kernel allocation functions)
> that fails with an invalid paging request...
> really, I don't know what to do about that.
> maybe ask some vm guru, why exactly a kernel paging request for an
> address that apears to be perfectly valid can fail...

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