[DRBD-user] DRBD information required

Sylvain HAU shau at elv.enic.fr
Mon May 29 15:44:06 CEST 2006

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I have juste read the documentation concerning how DRBD works and I want further
information about it:

I read that DRBD works as a replication tool between TWO devices (one primary
and one secondary). When an application in writting on the primary server, the
datas are immediately copied on the secondary server.

I would like to know if the mechanism can be extended to SEVERAL secondary
is it possible when an application is conveying datas to a server (configured as
the PRIMARY) to replicate these datas to SEVERAL secondary servers?

Is it possible to do it in the drbd.conf file as follow:
- build the drdb.conf file as if we have just 1 primary (A) server and 1
secondary (B) server
- add another part in the drdb.conf file with the same primary (A) server and 1
another secondary (C) server.
In that way the datas will be copied frome the same source to 2 destinations

Thanks by advance for your informations!


Sylvain HAU
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shau at elv.enic.fr
sylvain.hau at nordnet.fr
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