[DRBD-user] Which is the best solution ?

Marcel Prisi mprisi-lists at virtua.ch
Mon May 29 17:25:07 CEST 2006

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Hi All !

I am evaluating different solutions for a high-availability website that 
needs a way to have the exact same content on different servers 
(currently 2 but probably more soon).

I had a look at different things :

- HaNFS / drbd-0.7 : needs 2 more servers, as I don't think having both 
the webservers and nfs/drbd on the same hardware makes any sense ?? 
Would need to mount a local nfs export ?
- drbd-8+GFS : seems really nice, but is it really ready for production ?
- PeerFS : seems a good solution, but has anyone ever used it ? Is it 
stable ? Performance doesn't seem great at first glance ?
- rsync : I need very low "convergence" ... no rsync ...
- ddraid : seems really great ... ready for production ?

And what about these things my twisted brain imagined :

- drbd / vblade / ata-over-ethernet / GFS or drbd / iSCSI / GFS ? Would 
it scale better than HaNFS ? Has anyone tried it ?
- drbd device exported via gnbd / GFS = HaGNBD ?

Thanks for any advice/experience !

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