[DRBD-user] Trying to get resync to occur - StandAlone->WFConnection

travis kriza tkriza at mtcperformance.com
Thu May 4 20:28:23 CEST 2006

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We had to take one of our servers in a DRBD (0.6.12) cluster offline (hard)
and need to force a full resync.

Strangely, the resync had started to work fine for a period of time and then
quit.  (It quit around the same time I got a secondary DRBD device online
and started to sync on the same machine).

Now, on one device (drbd0), the primary server is still functioning.
However, it has entered into StandAlone mode and won't respond to the
secondary DRBD device.

The other device (drbd1) functions both on the primary and the secondary.
(It shows, when I enable, Primary/Secondary as it should).

I should note that for the first device, on the primary, it notes NEED_SYNC
in /proc/drbd and it notes that + INCONSISTENT on the secondary.

Any Help?

(I should note that this is the first problem I've encountered since we've
had this running over 2 years)



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