[DRBD-user] Application hangs on read/write

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Wed Mar 29 16:25:21 CEST 2006

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I am using DRBD version "0.7.11". After both the DRBDs are connected
and running, the console just hangs for a long time if I try to do
a "ls -l" or "vi" or "cat" something on the Primary DRBD partition. 
The console or the SSH session simply hangs and doesn't even respond
to any keystroke. From another login session already started, I observed that in the DRBD status output the value of "pe: " increases
and remains there for a long time without getting decreased. After a
very long time the vi or cat command returns to the shell prompt and
the "pe:" becomes zero in the DRBD output. I found nothing abnormal
about DRBD in the "syslog". Wondering what could be the problem! The
following is what I have:

DRBD: 0.7.11
protocol C;
sndbuf-size 64k;
timeout 60;
connect-int 10;
ping-int 10;
max-buffers 1024;
max-epoch-size 1024;
ko-count 2;
on-disconnect reconnect;

Kernel: 2.6.10
Distro: MontaVista
H/W arch: PPC single processor
DRBD link: 1 Gbit backplane Ethernet

Can somebody help? Is there something I can do without upgrading to a
newer DRBD version? Thanks.
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