[DRBD-user] newbie drbd/HA configuration question

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Sat Mar 25 22:52:31 CET 2006

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It breaks down like this

# Take over the primary drbd node
# Mount that node
# Assign on IP
# Start httpd

So, if you just want to take over the disk, assign an ip and start httpd
then logically you can just skip the Filesystem command that mounts the

Something to note, httpd in this case is /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd.  We
found it useful for creating custom actions.  Basically you can make a
custom script (say emailing us that a node has changed) as well as it
conforms to the init.d standard.  You might find this useful for your
HA/xen stuff.

BTW, there is much more information on this in the linux-ha list.

Hope this helps.

Gary Wayne Smith

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I'm attempting to integrate heartbeat with drbd, and I'm a bit  
confused as to how to adapt the getting started guides to make it  
work for me.

My understanding is that if I make a heartbeat resource that looks  
like this:

node1 drbddisk::web Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/mnt/ha httpd

...then /mnt/ha will be mounted or unmounted as required, which is  
cool if I actually wanted my drbd disk mounted. However, I'm planning  
on using Xen, and that is not the case. All I want out of heartbeat  
is to switch around whether a disk should be primary/secondary.  
(Well, and also to kick off/kill a domU when needed, but that  
configuration comes later.)

So.... do I need to rewrite the Filesystem heartbeat resource to  
something that doesn't require a mountpoint argument? Or am I missing  
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