[DRBD-user] scenario/migration question

J.Paechnatz jpaechnatz at bfe-systemhaus.de
Mon Mar 20 16:30:04 CET 2006

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Hi there...

Following Scenario:

One Cluster/two Nodes, heartbeat up and running, 1.2 TB scsi attached on 
each node, sync between the scsi/nodes with rsync+acl-patch. Running for 
years very stable...but now it time for a change, due perfomance issues 
of rsync.

I want to move the cluster to drbd. My idea is two establish drbd on the 
inactive node, setup the device, filesystem and force it as primary and 
sync the data one final time, without changing the data...for example 
samba stopped.

after this step is successful completed, I want to change the former 
primary node to drbd too, forcing it as secondary and wait that all data 
is synced between the nodes.

as final step I want to change the heartbeat setup to work with drbd and 
start over.

So my question is, is it possible to setup drbd on a single node, mkfs, 
put data on it and in a last final step establish the second one???


cu Joh.Paechnatz

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