[DRBD-user] DRBD 0.8 Suse 9.3

Luc de Louw luc at delouw.ch
Mon Mar 13 04:34:20 CET 2006

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Hi Clive,

Clive wrote:
> I am quite new to Linux and DRBD. I have in the past and with some help setup
> version .6 on SCO. I have recently moved to Suse 9.3 and am atempting to use
> the packaged 0.8 DRBD and Heartbeat 1.9 (with a certain amount of success,
> so far!)
> My problem is that no one seems to be talking about this version. Should I
> continue with it or am I running before I can crawl?

DRBD 0.8 is currently under development and should *not* be used in 
production. I suggest to use the current stable release 0.7.17 instead.

SuSE also packaged a beta version of heartbeat which is also not the 
best idea to use. Get the most recent version at 



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