[DRBD-user] Anyone Get Write Speeds over 150MB/s Writes using DRBD?

Rik Herrin rikherrin at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 15:17:46 CET 2006

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  Thanks for your very thorough reply.  Just out of
curiosity, have you tried aggregating 2 1GbE links and
seeing if the write speed goes backup up to 231,276
K/sec?  Also, from the data provided below, I think
the network is the bottleneck and not DRBD.

--- Diego Julian Remolina
<diego.remolina at ibb.gatech.edu> wrote:

> Rik,
> DRBD will be a bottleneck only if your hard drives
> can write faster that 120MB/s.  This is because 
> the theoretical maximum limit of a Gigabit card is
> 1000Mbps which corresponds to around 120MB/s 
> (Megabytes per second).  So if your computers are
> configured with a dedicated gigabit link, that is 
> going to be your bottleneck if using protocol C on
> drbd. You may get increased speeds by using 
> protocols A and B, but those are not as good as
> protocol C for data integrity.
> I am attaching some becnhmarks that I made on my
> servers using bonnie++.
> My configuration is 2 Dual core AMD Opteron 270, 4GB
> RAM, Areca ARC 1160 with 15 250GB hard drives. 
> 2 HDDs are mirrored for the OS, 12 are in Raid 1 and
> I have 1 hot spare.  Please note that my HDDs 
> are just SATA 150, so I am really not getting the
> maximum speed I could get if I had used SATA 
> 3Gbps, however, at the time the servers were put
> together SATA 3gbps drives were not available or 
> too expensive.
> Benchmark explained: I created the biggest Raid
> array out of 12 drives and then made partitions 
> every 1TB.  That is why you will see part1 and part2
> for Raid1 and part1, part2 and part2 for raid 5 
> and 6. I then ran bonnie++ 3 times on each partition
> and finally got the average results in the 
> attached table.
> You can clearly see from the first two benchmark
> results how DRBD is limiting the write speed on 
> RAID10. While writing directly to the disk with no
> drbd (first row in the table), I get 231,276 
> K/sec writes.  However when using DRBD and Raid10
> (row 2) I get 123,738 K/sec writes, but wait, 
> 123,738 K/sec looks *incredibly* similar to 120MB/s
> which is the maximum theoretical bandwith of the 
> Gigabit network cards I use for the drbd connection.
> In any case writes of 123,738 K/sec are not bad 
> at all. That is still very fast. I can tell you that
> this DRBD setup beats the crappy DELL 
> powervault 220S with SCSI drives that I have
> configured in cluster mode to provide HA without
> using 
> DRBD. The 220S has 12 SCSI 147GB drives configured
> in Raid 5. My DRBD/ARECA/SATA setup beats the 
> dell by a factor of almost 5 speedwise. The other
> problem of the DELL setup is that I have a single 
> point of failure on the Powervault 220S. DRBD
> rocks!!!
> If your oracle application can live with 120MB/s
> writes I would say go ahead and use drbd.  If it 
> cannot, then you either need to upgrade to 10Gbps
> NICs and check if DRBD would support those speeds 
> (I think I recently saw a posting where I think
> there was a limitation in the order of hundreds of 
> MB/s for the drbd link, something like 500 or 700,
> check the mailing list) or just don't use DRBD.
> Diego
> Rik Herrin wrote:
> > Thanks Gary.  I was planning on using a RAID 10
> > configuration, so writes are a lot faster than
> RAID 5.
> >  In any case, if I did get a configuration with a
> > powerful RAID controller capable of this type of
> > throughput, would DRBD in any way be a bottleneck?
>  I
> > would think the deltas are a lot let than the
> actual
> > data written, so it shouldn't be a bottleneck. 
> > However, if anyone would care to comment on their
> own
> > database experience, that would be lovely.  Thanks
> for
> > your time :D 
> > 
> > --- "Gary W. Smith" <gary at primeexalia.com> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >>Rik, 
> >>
> >>I believe in your case it's going to be all about
> >>the speed of the drives.  I'm not sure that even 8
> >>10k rpm drives configured with stripe/parity will
> >>achieve this in a standard environment.  
> >>
> >>The bigger question isn't the speed of the writes
> >>but rather the delta changes per second to the
> >>database.
> >>
> >>
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> >> 
> >>Hi,
> >>  I am currently evaluating the use of drbd for
> >>real-time replication of an Oracle DB. The
> hardware
> >>that the Oracle DB will be running on involves 2
> >>dual-core AMD Opterons, 4 GB RAM, an LSI MegaRAID
> >>320-2X SCSI RAID Controller with 512MB NVRAM, and
> >>10k
> >>SCSI Hard drives (8 of them).  An Intel Pro/1000
> MT
> >>Quad Pro Server Adapter card will be used for
> >>networking, with 2 ports dedicated to the DRBD
> >>connection to a similarly configured machine. 
> Would
> >>drbd be a bottleneck in this configuration?  The
> >>should be able to deliver about 180MB/s or so and
> so
> >>should the SCSI RAID controller.  Anyone have
> >>experience with this type of hardware?  Thank you
> >>for
> >>your time.
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