[DRBD-user] Anyone Get Write Speeds over 150MB/s Writes using DRBD?

Rik Herrin rikherrin at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 12:06:12 CET 2006

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  I am currently evaluating the use of drbd for
real-time replication of an Oracle DB. The hardware
that the Oracle DB will be running on involves 2
dual-core AMD Opterons, 4 GB RAM, an LSI MegaRAID
320-2X SCSI RAID Controller with 512MB NVRAM, and 10k
SCSI Hard drives (8 of them).  An Intel Pro/1000 MT
Quad Pro Server Adapter card will be used for
networking, with 2 ports dedicated to the DRBD
connection to a similarly configured machine.  Would
drbd be a bottleneck in this configuration?  The NIC
should be able to deliver about 180MB/s or so and so
should the SCSI RAID controller.  Anyone have
experience with this type of hardware?  Thank you for
your time.

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