[DRBD-user] fsck

Nate Reed nreed at awarix.com
Tue Mar 7 00:31:53 CET 2006

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Perhaps you can clear up my confusion about how DRBD (and Heartbeat) is 
supposed to work.  We're running Heartbeat and DRBD, and we were having a 
problem that we thought might be caused by a bad filesystem.  The Filesystem 
script would mysteriously error out on startup.  It wasn't clear to me if 
there was a fsck ever performed by either Heartbeat's resource script or 
DRBD, or even when a filesystem actually gets created.  We have since 
re-installed, and everything seems to work OK.  It might have gotten 
out-of-sync when one of the nodes was reinstalled - not sure.

As for the original question, we did find this on google: 
http://www.drbd.org/fileadmin/drbd/doc/0.5.8/drbd.conf.html (see "fsck-cmd"), 
but it appears to be out-of-date since DRBD complains about fsck-cmd in our 
config file.

After reviewing the Getting Started guide, I attempted 
"mount /dev/drbd0 /shared" and got "Operation not permitted."  So, I tried 
"mkreiserfs /dev/drbd0" and repeated the mount command, then it worked. 

Am I missing something?  The order of operations performed by Heartbeat needs 
to be something like this:

1. make the node primary 
2. create a mount point /shared (done in /etc/fstab)
3. create a filesystem on /dev/drbd0 (if this is the first time)
4. mount /dev/drbd0 /shared 

During Heartbeat's startup #4 failed and for some reason it seems like #3 was 
never done.  


On Monday 06 March 2006 16:47, Corey Edwards wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 16:39 -0600, Nate Reed wrote:
> > Does drbd perform a reiser filesystem check?  Can the current version be
> > configured to run fsck?
> DRBD doesn't know anything about filesystems, reiser or otherwise. You
> are perfectly free to run fsck or any other filesystem utility on top of
> it if you like. That would be done after DRBD is started and could only
> be performed on the Primary node. Reiser does an automatic journal
> recovery whenever the filesystem is mounted, so you should be set in
> that regard.
> Is there a problem you're seeing? Give us the details and perhaps we can
> help.
> Corey

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