[DRBD-user] Postgres permission denied after drbd sync

Umberto Nicoletti unicoletti at prometeo.it
Tue Jul 25 08:36:28 CEST 2006

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Check that the fs is not mounted read only and run a filesystem check.


Il giorno lun, 24/07/2006 alle 15.44 -0700, robertoms2003 ha scritto:
> I´m using postgres 8.1 undex linux slackware 10.2. File system is reserfs.
> I can´t restart postgres on my master node after an unsuccessful drbd sync
> against a slave node.
> I get a message that says that permission is denied while creating
> postmaster.pid.
> I tried to list (ls -l) the .../data directory, and I get:
> /usr/bin/ls: postmaster.pid: denied permission.
> The same goes for pg_ident.conf and postmaster.opts files.
> I can´t even create any file at all under .../data directory, as root or
> postgres user.
> Somehow I no longer have access rights over the postgres data directory. 
> All other linux directories are OK. The file permission problem is only in
> the /data postgres directory. 
> What should I do to regain access rights in the /data postgres directory ??? 
> Thanks for any input.
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