[DRBD-user] Unable to change role from Secondary to Primary

Milind Dumbare milind at linsyssoft.com
Fri Jul 14 09:37:28 CEST 2006

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Is heartbeat running?

#/etc/init.d/heartbeat status
Do you want secondary to be primary manually?

On Fri, 2006-07-14 at 14:28 +0800, Badge Parag-G19470 wrote:
> Hello,
> We are facing this problem with DRBD 0.7.17.
> After Primary node goes down (it completely removed from the cluster),
> we are changing role of Secondary to Primary. But Secondary is
> rejecting this role change. We are getting following error:
> ioctl(,SET_STATE,) failed: Permission denied
> Partner is already primary
> Command '/sbin/drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 primary --do-what-I-say'
> terminated with exit code 20
> We have put retry mechanism in role change. We keep retrying for 10
> seconds with the interval of 2 seconds. Still we get same error. 
> We use ping interval 2 seconds.
> Could you please tell us why this role change is failing. (This
> problem comes pretty often. 2 out of 10 times)
> I really appreciate any help.
> Thanks and regards,
> Parag.
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