[DRBD-user] DRBD w/ HA w/ Large file issue

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Sat Jul 8 00:24:57 CEST 2006

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I'm going to ensure that the /var/lib/nfs to make it point to the /data/nfs
(which is exported and laid on top of log vols), I'm testing that as we
speak, Thx for the response.

Had yet another question - say for some reason you (as a user/admin) realize
that the two disks/devs are not in sync - is there a way to force a sync
from a user-land command?

On 7/6/06, Todd Denniston <Todd.Denniston at ssa.crane.navy.mil> wrote:
> pv wrote:
> > I have two servers - fedora1, fedora2, wired up w/ drbd and heartbeat
> and I'm
> > exporting the data (residing on the drbd dev) using NFS which is visible
> via
> > the cluster interface (via heartbeat).
> >
> > The export is visible via a cluster interface (e.g. /data/export). I
> mount this
> > export (via the cluster interface) from yet another m/c (nfs client).
> And I'm
> > doing simple pings and copying/touching files - when I turn on/off one
> of the
> > nodes (e.g fedora1), the mount point moves from fedora1 to fedora2 and
> back
> > respectively very well. I copy smaller files and do the same, I do not
> seem to
> > have any problem, but when I try copying a large ISO image file, I see
> the
> > following issue:
> >
> > 1) between the two servers, fedora1 is the primary and I start copying
> the
> > large file. at this time - both servers are up and running and copy
> begins.
> > 2) in between the copy, I turn off fedora1 and observe that fedora2 has
> taken
> > over the cluster interface as well as the nfs export/mount point, but I
> do not
> > see the large file that I started before the failure.
> (2) is unexpected by me.
> are you indicating that the file is not visible at the nfs client or when
> logged into the server?
> On the server is a big problem.
> At the client is probably some minor misconfiguration of the services on
> the
> server.
> > 3) upon failback, I get a stale NFS handle error - in my haresources
> file, I
> > have the following entry:
> what does `ls -ld /var/lib/nfs` (pn both machines) return?
> The reason I ask is that the data in /var/lib/nfs needs to be on a disk
> shared
> between the machines and needs to be accessible _before_ starting nfs and
> nfslock services.
> >
> > fedora1  IPaddr:: drbddisk::r1
> > Filesystem::/dev/drbd1::/data::ext3 restart-nfs restart-rpcidmapd
> >
> do you control any other related services with ha? like the nfs service?
> > --
> >
> > Any idea if my config is wrong or is there an issue dealing w/ large
> files
> > either in drbd or the ha or NFS itself? Thx in advance.
> not enough info, but I know I have worked with files bigger than 2GB and
> had
> no problems on drbd 0.6.13 on Fedora Core 1 over NFS managed by Heartbeat.
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