[DRBD-user] inconsistent after failover

Andrés Cañada acanada at cnio.es
Mon Jan 23 13:21:19 CET 2006

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El Lunes, 23 de Enero de 2006 12:08, Andrés Cañada escribió:
> Hi!
> This friday the director node felt down and backup director became to own
> the resources, including drbd.
> The problem is that now, after restarted primary directord, the shared disk
> seems to be not syncronized.
> I get disklessclient....Inconsistent in the old primary director. And
> ServerforDless....Consistent in the old backup director (now the primary
> after failover) What is happening? I need to get back to the old
> configuration. How can syncronize both disks??
> Any help would be very apreciated.
> Thank you very much.

I've read in the list and this is what I made:
I stopped drbd in old director node and then started again. Then, watching the 
status, drbd noticed that there was some MB to resync and started to 
syncronize but suddenly the sync process stopped and what I get now is:
	in old director: cs:WFConnection   st:Primary/Unknown	ld:Consistent
	in new director: cs:NetworkFailure	st:Secondary/Unknown	ld:Inconsistent

So it seems to be a problem with the net between both nodes, doesn't it?
I tried to change the net that drbd uses to syncronize the disks 
(changing  /etc/drbd.conf) but If I change it in the new director, Should I 
restart drbd?? How could this affect the data? The cluster nodes are mounting 
a directory that is in shared disks and is very used, could this be a 
Please, I need some help with this problem (this cluster is in production).
Thank you very much

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