[DRBD-user] How to resize.....

jlarrea at gadisa.es jlarrea at gadisa.es
Mon Jan 16 11:16:00 CET 2006

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Hi All,
I'm trying to resize a drbd partition, but I think I'm doing something
wrong. First of all I'm trying to modify the partition table with parted
/dev/sdb, and here is the problem. When I issue the parted resize command I
get a message telling that parted is not able to resize (still) the
partition due of fs has a rather strange layout (it's a translation,
message is given in spanish) so I'm not able to follow the process. What am
I doing wrong?
The system is a RedHat EL 3.0 with drbd 0.7.11 and internal meta-data.
 Tanks in advance

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