[DRBD-user] A few questions :)

Joachim Banzhaf (compuserve) joachimbanzhaf at compuserve.de
Wed Jan 11 14:51:43 CET 2006

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Hi, Pierre,

Am Montag, 9. Januar 2006 18:29 schrieb Pierre Ancelot:

> management              drbddisk::drbd-resource-0 \
>                       Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/share/spool0/data::ext3 \
>                         killnfsd \
>                         nfs-common \
>                         nfs-kernel-server \
>                         sleep::3 \
>                         IPaddr::

I think, you have a space, tab or cr/lf behind "nfs-common \" in this file.

Advice: Please attach files. Don't cut&paste them. Then we can see the problem 
instead of just guessing it...

If I guessed wrong: This is clearly a heartbeat problem which has better 
chances of being solved on this list:

"General Linux-HA mailing list" <linux-ha at lists.linux-ha.org>


Joachim Banzhaf

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