[DRBD-user] A few questions :)

Pierre Ancelot pierre at bostoncybertech.com
Mon Jan 9 18:05:30 CET 2006

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Hi everyone, here are a few questions.
I have setup drbd/nfs/heartbeat but for example, after a reboot of my
secondary server (replicate) i get secondary/primary in /proc/drbd.
Isn't supposed to be secondary/secondary ?

NFS works, i got the share working but i am lost with something about
the failover.
on the primary server, i got /dev/drbd0 mounted as /share/spool0/data/
which i share then... but this directory doesn't exists in the secondary
server (I followed an how-to) i guess i should create it and tell
heartbeat to mount automaticaly the file and share it then, i don't
really know if this theory is good, sounds logical to me.

Thanks for your help...

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