[DRBD-user] sync very slow

Andrea Monte andrea.monte at tecnologic.biz
Fri Dec 22 19:49:03 CET 2006

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sorry for my English,
I've configured 2 identically PC in this way:
OS: ubuntu server 6.06.1
DRBD 0.7
HDD: 1 sata 80GB for OS (sdb), 3 sata 320GB (sda) in raid5 with 3ware 
controller 9550sx (only with this Linux distribution the first hdd on 
the mainboard is seen sdb, but it's working)
The sda is in lvm and I've created 2 units: one for the meta (255MB) and 
the other for the data (250GB) and this is the drbd0.
The 2 PC is linked with 2 network Gb interfaces (with full duplex active 
and mtu=9000) and cross network cable
I've started drbd on both PC and the sync is running but the rate is 
400K (in the configuration file I've a max rate=600M) and I must wait 7 
day to end.


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