[DRBD-user] Errors with flock()

Darren Hoch darren.hoch at litemail.org
Wed Dec 20 18:21:39 CET 2006

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This is purely NFS and not DRBD. What OS and kernel version? There are 
some flock() issues in RedHat EL 3.x and associated Fedora branches that 
were fixed between minor releases.


Lars Ellenberg wrote:

>/ 2006-12-20 17:59:10 +0500
>\ Kamran Nisar:
>>I have my primary device mounted on client as an nfs share. an attempt to
>>obtain and exclusive lock over a file fails with the following error
>>nagios-ffm:/data # touch test
>>nagios-ffm:/data # flock test echo "itWorks"
>>flock: Stale NFS file handle
>works for me.
>so this is not per se a drbd problem.
>more likely some nfs woodoo.

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