[DRBD-user] Metadata on software RAID1 load slowlyness problem

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Fri Dec 8 18:38:15 CET 2006

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Daniel van Ham Colchete said:
> My problem is, when the DRBD`s metadata is allocated to a md partition
> (internal or /dev/md5[0]) the load time is greater than 4 minutes.
> What I mean by load is "drbdadm up drbd0". I had to recompile drbdadm
> changing it's timeout value from 120 to 600 seconds because of that,
> otherwise my distro wouldn't init the both drbd devices.
> Them, on the server that the metadata is being stored at the plain sdc
> disk, the load time is less than 2 seconds. Important: I'm using
> exactly the same hardware to each size, all the 400GB sized
> harddrivers are exectly the same.
> So, I tried changing both metadata storage place to plain sata drives
> and everything loaded in less than 2 secs.
> I also tried storing the metadata in internal and exlusive MD
> partitions but the load time were the same: 4-5 minutes to the 340GB
> partition and 2' 5'' to the 194GB partition.
> [snip]

I discovered exactly the same problem last week. First I thought drbd was
not working at all with meta data on /dev/md1 (3 resources -> 3 indices).
But today I found out, that it only takes ages (1 hour) to get all 3
devices up. Ubuntu Kernel 2.6.17-10.


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