[DRBD-user] Keeping config files in sync

George H george.dma at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 07:34:52 CET 2006

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I'd like to ask drbd users how they are keeping their linux config
files in sync with their nodes.
I was thinking of putting certain files from /etc  on a drbd partition
so that they are identical on both nodes. Though the problem is that
the slave node becomes usless if it can't access /etc/passwd  cos drbd
can only be mounted on one node.

I tried using rsyncd, where I have a folder with all the congfig files
and I run a rsync daemon on the primary node. I put in the crontabs to
run an rsync command to go every hour to keep the systems up to date.
But I need to somehow make the scripts know not to run. I only need
the salve node to run rsync.

Are there any alternatives that you all are using? or perhaps
perfected this rsync one?

Thanks in advance

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George H
george.dma at gmail.com

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