[DRBD-user] Re: Heartbeat.

jlarrea at gadisa.es jlarrea at gadisa.es
Thu Aug 24 08:17:26 CEST 2006

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>Basically what I have observed with Heartbeat on my system is when I
>start heartbeat daemon on both nodes (panini, xenon), one of the
>machines(panini) creates one more profile to my eth0 (eth0:0) with
>address of other machine(xenon). So all my ssh connections to xenon
>disconnected, and this also causes WFconnection in DRBD.

Maybe another stupid question but... are you using xenon IP address to
configure the IP resource for heartbeat? If you are doing so, you are wrong
you need to have a third IP address to be 'shared' between both nodes.

 When primary node goes down this third IP is given up on the secondary
 node, changing its role to primary

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