[DRBD-user] Resync

John Lauwers john at robotronic.be
Sun Aug 13 15:44:29 CEST 2006

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node1 = primary
node2 = secondary

auto_failback off

When I power dow the primary node (node1) --> the secondary(node2) takes the role of primary and everything is OK. When I boot up the node1 that was down it becomes secondary and everything is synced as supposed.
But when I do the same thing but just pull the network plug from the primary the secondary takes the role of primary --> OK. But when I insert the network plug node1 it becomes aigain primary and becomes syncsource. So everything that was changed on node2 is discarded and overwritten by the old data from node1.

What is wrong??

I am a newbie and from Belgium sorry for my bad English.


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