[DRBD-user] Conflict between drbd and iptables

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Wed Aug 2 16:42:51 CEST 2006

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Simplify your life and find out what IPTables thinks is the problem.
After all, it's the one blocking the packets.  Just log before the drop.

-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -j LOG --log-prefix "FIREWALL: " --log-level 6 
-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited

Then watch which DRBD packets are failing by doing a simple tail -n -f


Spend a week guessing ;)

Gary Wayne Smith

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I'm using drbd 0.7.17 to synchronise two nodes (running on Red Hat 
Entreprise Linux 4) with a dedicated gigabyte link between the two 
All drbd.conf parameters are set to very common values.

My problem seems to be a conflict between drbd and the iptables firewall

My iptables configuration on the two nodes includes the line :
-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -s NODE_IP_ADDRESS -p tcp --dport 7789 -j ACCEPT

When I start the two nodes, there is no problem. However, when I 
restart the firewall on the secondary node, I receive a flow of 
messages :
kernel: drbd0: [kjournald/2927] sock_sendmsg time expired, ko =
kernel: drbd0: [kjournald/2927] sock_sendmsg time expired, ko =
And the web services (apache) are unavailable.

I tested without iptables, then with iptables on the primary node (and 
tried to start and restart iptables service). No problem. But when I 
tried to start iptables on the second node, I received the message flow 
on the first node (and nothing in the log of the second node). I have 
to stop the drbd service on the secondary, then to restart the service, 
and all the systems fonction right again.

I will try to reproduce the problem with a test architecture (I don't 
have a full time access to the servers, and I prefered to stop iptables 
service while I work on a solution). Unfortunately, I have no logs 
about packets which are droped by iptables, but I will add it on my 
test architecture.

However, if you have an idea, if you already met this problem, or 
simply if you can help me, your help will be very precious !

Thank you very much !


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