[DRBD-user] First sync transfer size

Ard van Breemen ard at kwaak.net
Thu Apr 27 10:02:09 CEST 2006

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On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 09:36:04AM +0200, JMWorld - Dpto. T?cnico wrote:
> Im testing drbd before using it and I see (at /proc) that after creating
> partitions, and starting systems, it begins to synchronize, but partitions
> are about 60GB and we have to pay for every GB transmitted on the final
> systems.
> Since partitions are inittially empty, is there any way to mark volumes as
> synchronized in order to avoid transmitting such null and huge information
> or even shorten the size transfering only main parts or meta-data?

Sorry for this nasty suggestion, but it even helped me getting
plain mysql replication down to 10% of the original traffic
(which was needed because of a 410kb/s VPN): use vtun with a tcp
tunnel with zlib compression factor 9 or so. You can even do VoIP
over that and not notice it.
Allright, it is not the answer that you seek, but if you pay per
gig, compress it. It will probably save that much money within a
year that you can buy faster processors to begin with (to support
the extra load of compression), or more memory (so things do not
get flushed that often, which in the end also saves you gigs).

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