[DRBD-user] kernel oops drbd 8.0_pre2 on Fedora Core 5 and RHEL4

Michael Paesold mpaesold at gmx.at
Thu Apr 20 13:44:04 CEST 2006

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Philipp Reisner wrote:
> Ok, the whole issues has is related to using device-mapper / lvm.
> SVN trunk already has a patch that *should* fix the issues, but 
> I have not yet tested it. Will test it tomorrow.

My oopses are gone -- thank you!

(Although I still have to use internal meta data -- does external 
meta-data work for anyone with drbd v8?)

I have now successfully tested live-migration of a Xen VM between the 
two cluster nodes. So far, drbd v8 works for me. That's a start!
(Btw., I am using drbd r2168 atm.)

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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